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This sure ain’t perfect, but it’s a start. Let’s begin…

Gilgamesh and Good-Neighborliness

Gilgamesh. The name just rolls off the tongue in a way that makes you smile, doesn’t it? I’ve heard of Gilgamesh most of my adult life, but other than associating him with ancient mythology, never really dug much deeper into it. Then this morning, I came across a little reference to Gilgamesh in something I was reading. Less than an hour later, while I was in the shower, Gilgamesh made another cameo on a podcast I was listening to. So, I’ve done a little digging…

Possibly a real Sumerian king sometime between 2500 and 2900 BCE, Gilgamesh’s deification and the legends and myths that followed are what the character is mostly known for now—an ancient Mesopotamian hero and the protagonist in epic poems and mythologies that spread throughout Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek, and other cultures.

What struck me today was what the podcaster shared about Gilgamesh’s outlook; she said that he felt the meaning of life was to spend it in happiness and not despair. Now, I’m sure “happiness” for Gilgamesh, as in most ancient (and, I’m afraid, contemporary) stories written by and about men in power, was likely at the expense of others, but isn’t the basic tenet of Gilgamesh’s alleged philosophy a great way to look at things? Spend life in happiness and not despair? It’s so simple. So basic. So important. Yet, so easy to lose sight of. Life gets so un-simple at times and in the confusion and hustle we often forget about the importance of joy.

Joy, often, is a result of peace. And peace, often, is easily lost. We humans love to argue, to feel better-than, to push our thoughts and opinions on others, and to generally neglect respect and kindness—those two basic, simple things that truly make the world much more smooth, palatable, equitable, peaceful, and joyful. In a recent piece about good-neighborliness, I tried to explore this a little bit. Check it out here.

From the Archives

In each newsletter, I hope to share a couple new pieces and thoughts, as well as something from a while ago. In a piece called “
I Can Because I Will,” written in December of 2019, I shared pre-pandemic optimism and encouraged mindset shifts. It’s been good for me to read over again and be reminded that optimism is timeless, obstacles aren’t forever, and our biggest challenges are often internal. Check out “I Can Because I Will” here,  


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