Welcome to the Ask Uncle Marty™ blog! 

Your host, Marty Johnson, is proof that a positive attitude makes a big difference. As a shopkeeper, writer, and business coach, he loves to share what he's learned in business and in life—expressed with his signature optimistic, pragmatic, and ofttimes persnickety point of view.

Marty and his team entertain the locals at Uncle Marty's Shipping Office, a hip, community-focused, full-service business center that he opened in 2011 adjacent to Cornell University in beautiful Ithaca, New York. There, as Co-Founder of the Collegetown Small Business Alliance, Marty works closely with his neighbors to find solutions to local challenges and ensure their one-of-a-kind neighborhood remains exceptional.

Marty volunteers as Board Chair and Director of Communication for the Association of Mail & Business Centers (AMBC), a national non-profit trade association focused on helping independent small businesses reach their full potential. He’s been honored to be a panelist and speaker at industry summits and events across the country, and both he and his business have been featured in industry publications like FedEx ShipSource®. He was one of the first recipients of the RSi® Master of Retail Shipping Management degree, and his shop was one of the first in the country to become an AMBC Certified Gold Store.

While undergoing treatment and then surviving cancer in his early 30s, Marty discovered that writing was very therapeutic for him. After years as a contributing writer for MBC Today, the mail and business center industry’s leading publication reaching thousands of AMBC members across the country, he’s now the magazine’s editor; his business advice column, Ask Uncle Marty™, is a favorite among readers.

Bearing his Uncle title with honor, it's Marty’s privilege to serve as a cheerful and peaceable voice, leader, advocate, and mentor in his communities and the unique, ever-changing industry he’s been a part of since 1991. If you'd like to contact him or submit a letter to Ask Uncle Marty™, please email him at marty@askunclemarty.com.


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