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Pearls of Wisdom

My dear friend Fahim is a content finder. He seeks out wisdom, follows countless business influencers, and constantly shares posts, articles, videos, reels, and inspiration with his close friends, family, and, of course, his colleagues on the AYM High Consultants coaching team. It just so happens that I am privileged to be in all three categories—close friend, considered family, and AYM High colleague—so pretty much every time I open an app—WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, email, text, you name it—there're likely a few shares from Fahim in whatever messaging platform he happened to be on when he came across something that inspired him that he wanted to, in turn, inspire his people with. It’s one of his most endearing traits and those of us who are his people love him for it.

Today, Fahim has shared with us on the AYM High team in our group chat some very sage advice from Jason Pearl, a LinkedIn influencer whom Fahim follows. Jason gets all of the credit for this content and, though I’m sharing it here, I want to be sure that you go and follow Jason to receive much more wisdom and awesomeness.

Here’s what Jason Pearl had to say today:

                 “You’re just doing your best."

                This mantra is prevalent in the world today, and although I may ruffle some feathers with this post,
                I stand by my opinion:

                Sometimes your best isn’t enough.

        -          Is your best scrolling social media when you’re on a Zoom call?

        -          Is your best looking for ever menial task to do before you spend time on the task you know is the
                   best use of your time?

        -          Is your best not following up with a prospect or client when you said you would?

        -          Is your best missing a deadline?

        -          Is your best gossiping in the workplace?

        -          Is your best talking behind your superior or coworkers’ backs?

        -          Is your best making excuses for the work you didn’t do?

        -          Is your best not showing up to work on time consistently, or showing up to all of your meetings late?

        -          Is your best not taking notes in meetings?

        -          Is your best complaining about others’ success when you don’t know how hard they worked to get
                   where they are?

        -          Is your best working from home, but not really working at all?

                I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

                If you say you’re “doing your best,” make sure your actions back up the statement.

                If your actions don’t match up, then start pointing the finger inward and start making some changes.

Goodness, I have to admit that I see myself in entirely too many of the not-your-best characteristics Jason shared. To follow it up, another post from Jason read:

                We live in a world where it is very easy for people to talk…

                Social platforms make it easy for people to build their brand.

                PSA: Judge people by their actions, not the image their social profile displays.

                In a world where everyone can talk, watch their walk, and it will tell you all you need to know.

Nailed it, Jason. And thank you for sharing, Fahim. That arrow went straight to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Perhaps we can all take some lessons from the pearls of wisdom shared by from Jason Pearl today.

Marty Johnson is the Communication and Vision Coach at AYM High Consultants, a columnist, and an editor, producing the mail and business center industry's leading magazine, MBC Today. In 2023, he sold his popular and growing brand, Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office, and retired from shopkeeper life to focus on writing and coaching. Subscribe to his Ask Uncle Marty™ newsletter and read more at; follow him on socials @askunclemarty. #AskUncleMarty

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