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July / August 2024 Edition of MBC Today

The July / August 2024 edition of MBC Today (volume 26 issue 4) just dropped. A free preview version is available on the homepage of the Association of Mail & Business Centers ( and AMBC Members may access the full version in the Members Only section of the site; AMBC Members will also receive their printed copy in the mail soon!

Thank you to all who contributed to this issue of the mail and business center (MBC) industry's leading publication, keeping both independent and franchise stores across the country up to date, in the loop, and networked together. It's a privilege to produce and edit this publication, but it's because of your hard work that it has such rich content.

I'll share my Letter From the Editor below. Enjoy!


Dear Readers,

Welcome to another fine edition of MBC Today.

As always, it's our hope that you learn, grow, and become inspired by what you read in here. As Mary says in her outstanding "Passport Photos" article, keep searching for golden nuggets to fill your treasure chest.

I am so excited about the launch of AMBC-U, which you'll read all about on page 16 and see some screencaps of its interface on page 17. This online, on-demand training platform is something AMBC has been working on for years. I had the pleasure of helping with its preparation when I served on the AMBC board of directors and was honored to be asked to help out with some of the training videos you'll watch on it. It's a first-in-the-industry platform, something that has been needed for a long time, and will truly be an asset to every store in our industry that takes the time to check it out. So, please do!

In my new roles after selling my business and leaving the AMBC board to represent an AMBC Trusted Supplier, AYM High Consultants, without conflict of interest, I travel quite often and visit with store owners and their team members across the country. We do a lot of our coaching on Zoom and FaceTime, but the in-person store visits are what really inspire me the most. It's so exciting to help set up new stores, do basic training, and constantly learn tips and tricks from my fellow coaches on the AYM High team. With each new store setup we do, I admit that I get a little homesick for my former store and think to myself, "Well, if I had only known that when I started" or "If I could do it all over again, I'd definitely design my layout like this."

Our industry is ever-evolving. Our models must change with the times. Our platforms must increasingly go online, making things easy for guests and clients to order, pay, and interact. Our youngest team members must be listened to so we know how best to market to, appeal to, and accommodate generations whose spending habits, needs, desires, and choices may be different than our own.

I've also really enjoyed our clients who have been in business a long time, but understand their need to reach a new level and to add fresh services, modules, profit centers, and procedures to stay relevant and reach new heights. We've seen people go from six to seven figures through some very basic streamlining and automation techniques, as well as new-mindset marketing.

Whether you do it on your own, with your AMBC peers, with a mentor or three, or if you hire a coach, somehow please keep growing. Don't get stagnant. Keep changing. Keep improving. And keep shining!

With gratitude and care,

Marty Johnson (he/him)

Columnist | Ask Uncle Marty™
Editor & Producer | MBC Today
Founder | Uncle Marty's Shipping Office
Communication & Vision Coach | AYM High Consultants
Co-Host | *To-Be-Announced Podcast Launching in 2024* · @askunclemarty · #AskUncleMarty

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