Friday, March 1, 2024

March / April 2024 Edition of MBC Today

The March / April 2024 edition of MBC Today (volume 26 issue 2) just dropped. A free preview version is available on the homepage of the Association of Mail & Business Centers ( and AMBC Members may access the full version in the Members Only section of the site; AMBC Members will also receive their printed copy in the mail soon!

Thank you to all who contributed to this issue of the mail and business center (MBC) industry's leading publication, keeping both independent and franchise stores across the country up to date, in the loop, and networked together. It's a privilege to produce and edit this publication, but it's because of your hard work that it has such rich content.

I'll share my Letter From the Editor below. Enjoy!


Dear Readers,

This edition of MBC Today is quite unique for a number of reasons. First, it's unique because it serves as an event guide for the upcoming Getting More Out of '24 event in Las Vegas. We know that the issue will drop digitally on March 1st and the event starts on March 7th, so the print version of this edition may not arrive to mailboxes until after the event is wrapped, but still we wanted AMBC Members and other MBC Today readers to have all of the information about the event in one place digitally so they can save it on their phones and use it as a quick reference guide. Of course, printed schedules and much swag will also be available in person at what promises to be a super fabulous event.

This edition of MBC Today is also unique because it's the first issue that we've ever featured two letters from AMBC Board Chairs. Why? Because this will come out the very first day that Crysta Reeves will be seated as AMBC Board Chair, and the day after Norman Froscher will have left the position, fulfilling his terms on the AMBC Board of Directors in full. I want to congratulate Crysta on being elected as the new Board Chair, as well as Tommy Armstrong on becoming AMBC Board Vice Chair, Mary Bray on becoming AMBC Board Secretary, and Tom Ogilvie on becoming AMBC Board Treasurer. I also want to thank Ayden Daubigne and David McCallum for their continued, dedicated service on the board, and thank Steve Dick and Norman both with the most enormous thanks I can muster for the many years of service, dedication, and genuine heart that they put into their service to the board; Norman will remain an ex officio director and advisor now that his terms have finished as a voting board member, similar to how other past Board Chairs Fahim and myself each did. The AMBC board truly is a family, each board member elected by their peers—AMBC Members—to serve with term limits and guide this important, essential, and beloved non-profit industry association.

And finally, this edition of MBC Today is unique for me personally, as it's the first issue I'm editing and producing while not owning a mail and business center, having sold my store recently. It's also the first issue I'm editing and producing while not being on the official AMBC team (though will still help as needed, if needed), having stepped down as ex officio Director of Communication and Advisor to the Board in order to follow new opportunities as a representative of an AMBC Trusted Supplier.

I want to be transparent and clear with you all, dear readers, now that I am part of the AYM High Consultants team and therefore representing an AMBC Trusted Supplier. As we're a brand new supplier and therefore featured in this issue, I commit to be as fair as possible going forward as editor of this magazine and not to give favoritism to AYM High in content or advertising placement. So, if you feel that that could be happening, please let me know. Call me out. Be my check. That being said, AYM High does plan to take advantage of opportunities given to official AMBC Trusted Suppliers, including ads in MBC Today, guest articles, and guest blog posts; not many official suppliers use those benefits to their full opportunities, but we sure wish more did! Consider this your reminder and invitation, AMBC Trusted Suppliers, to reach AMBC Members through all of the means that AMBC facilitates.

With that, let's get to it! Welcome to the March / April 2024 edition of MBC Today. Thanks, as always, for reading. I hope to see you in Vegas!

With gratitude and care,

Marty Johnson (he/him)
Columnist | Ask Uncle Marty™ 
Editor & Producer | MBC Today
Founder | Uncle Marty's Shipping Office
Communication & Vision Coach | AYM High Consultants
Co-Host | *To-Be-Announced Podcast Launching in 2024* · @askunclemarty · #AskUncleMarty

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