Thursday, December 28, 2023

January 2024 Letter From the Editor

The following is my letter from the editor that will publish in the upcoming January / February edition of MBC Today (volume 26 issue 1): 

Dear Readers,

When this issue drops, I will be officially retired. My business, Uncle Marty's Shipping Office, has been sold as of January 1, 2024. It's surreal, ridiculously exciting, and I am so profoundly grateful for everyone who has gotten me to this point: my team, my family, my friends, and my AMBC industry peers and mentors. How does someone buck the system, go against societal expectations, and retire from small business life at just 44 years old? Easy. They want to. They set an intention. And they bust it to get there.

I wrote an announcement in November, shortly after the last MBC Today issue dropped (I had so wanted to have it ready to share in that issue, but the timing just wasn't right yet) about my business sale and plans for my post-retirement career. A number of people have asked me to share that article more broadly, so I'm publishing The Next Chapter in this edition on page 13 in case it's of any inspiration and/or interest to you. It's a story about how the family business I and my incredibly team have created for the past 12-plus years is continuing on to the next generation with one of my dear "work kids," current manager, and five-year team member Clark and his fiancé Codey Noel taking over with plans to continue to grow the business, open new locations, and likely share some of our proprietary systems, apps, and practices and/or franchise the popular brand we've built. It's so incredibly exciting, still seems unreal, and for it all I am so, so grateful.

In addition to what is shared here, please check out our socials for photos and stories from our December 30th open house to celebrate Clark and Codey Noel as new owners and the start of the Uncle Marty's Shipping Office second dynasty / close of my own first dynasty and retirement. And in future issues of MBC Today I do hope to share more about the process, including some writing about steps to take with an exit strategy / endgame in mind while building a business...and more.

I'll also be sharing a lot in my post-retirement consulting, writing, editing, and podcasting career. I'm sure it's no surprise that many of those upcoming projects will be collaborations with Fahim, Seema, Yusuf, and other close colleagues. As we transition to new roles, we want to share our experiences with those who have allowed us to get here; we believe that the exciting new ventures we're launching in 2024 will be of great benefit, help, and positive encouragement to you, our dear industry peers, mentors, team, family, and friends.

And, like it or not, you'll continue to hear from me here in this industry-leading publication, MBC Today, as long as AMBC continues to ask me to edit this magazine. Doing so is both an honor and a privilege.

This issue is again full of good stuff that I hope you take the time to digest. The AMBC March of 2024 event is coming up fast in just a few months in fabulous Las Vegas. Have you booked your tickets and registered for it yet? If not, hurry! Space is again limited and it's another AMBC can't-miss event that's sure to pay dividends for years to come because of connections you make, nuggets of inspiration and knowledge you'll acquire, and experiences that will impress the importance of doing business with intention and mission, rather than just hunting for the next transaction. Perhaps I'll see you there...

With care,

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