Friday, December 30, 2022

What Will Matter

 The following Letter From the Editor will publish when MBC Today Volume 25 Issue 1 drops on January 3, 2023. I wanted to share it here a little early, as it's a poignant reminder for the new year: 

Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

A little while ago, Fahim shared with me and some of the other AMBC board and staff members a poem by Michael Josephson titled "What Will Matter." Quite inspired and impacted by it, I immediately printed it and hung it on my office wall, right above my desk, so I can refer to it every day. I also recently shared it on TikTok (yes, I finally got on TikTok—or "the TikTok" as I like to say in front of my younger coworkers in order to elicit groans) as a reminder to myself and to hopefully be a boost to someone else as we enter 2023. I want to share that poem with you:

We're beginning a brand new year, which always reminds me of new opportunities, fresh starts, an occasion for renewal and refreshing, and a chance to do things differently; to do things better.

Life inevitably is a mixture of highs and lows, triumphs and defeats, gains and losses, joys and sorrows. 2022 may have been an overall positive year for many of us, but it was also a year full of tough challenges for many people, and we hold those close who have had hardship and loss, fought oft-unseen battles, and struggled with circumstances beyond their control. While we can't change the past or ease some burdens, we can do something to change the future.

I was reminded of a quote recently: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." I hope you'll join me in trying to make kindness, empathy, and love part of your mantra for 2023. Let's remember to be good neighbors and to treat others as we hope to be treated ourselves. Let's share burdens. Let's take care of ourselves, make minding our physical and mental health a priority, check in with our friends, family, and loved ones to make sure they're OK, and try our best to spread joy, positivity, and hope to our communities...and our world.

Let's make it a good year.

With care,

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