Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show You Care

Have you told your customers lately that you love them? Have you told them lately that you care?

Now you can grab each one by the hand, look them in the eye, and say, "I love you, customer." But you're probably going to either get slapped or put on some community watch list. So rather than saying it, show it.

Show you care by going above and beyond. Hold the door, put their packages safely behind the counter so they can shop, and offer them a bottle of water if they're all hot and bothered.

Show you care by remembering as many people as you can … by name. Don't repeat their name over and over like you're trying to sell them a used car, but greet them by it and use it once more when you thank them for their business and invite them to "come back soon." (And you're all doing this as a farewell, right? We've talked about this before. Consciously work on replacing "Have a nice day" with "Come back soon" and the results will surely delight you!)

Show you care by writing a handwritten thank-you-for-trusting-us note every time someone puts their faith in your business for something precious and special.

Show you care by putting just as much importance on welcoming customers' children and pets as you do on welcoming the customers themselves.

Show you care by giving your guests a little piece of candy. This time of year, I love to give out little mini boxes of conversation hearts to my favorite clients, and to some random ones just because. And not just because I'm trying to charm my way into their wallets, but because it's genuinely a good feeling to see someone's face light up.

Show you care by making sure every customer that walks through your doors leaves no longer as just a customer, but as a client--thrilled with the service they just received and cordially invited to come back soon.

Show you care by spreading love, speaking kindly, and creating joy.

Happy Valentine's Day. <3


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Edited version published on the AMBC blog on February 14, 2017.