Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dress for Success

We're all familiar with the term dress for success. But what does that phrase really mean? 

Does it mean we need to wear a perfectly tailored power suit every day? In many industries, likely that's not the answer … and it's certainly not practical.

Dressing is much more than what we wear. Dressing is the total package--how we appear, how we present ourselves, and how we carry ourselves.

To dress for success, you must adorn yourself with professionalism. And you must hire and retain a staff that behaves professionally. This includes having a respectful demeanor, using respectful language, and being able to communicate clearly. It doesn't mean having all the answers, but it does mean that you're able and willing to find the answer.

My friend Annie reminds me often that, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." And Albert Schweitzer said, "Success isn't the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success." This is a profoundly simple truth! So another essential element of dressing for success is putting on a positive attitude every day.

Then, of course, what we physically wear is indeed a big part of dressing for success. In the corporate world, a common saying is, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." You need to carry yourself as if you're already successful … and part of that is not looking like a slouch. This is why we often harp on store uniforms. If you look at the top stores in our industry, they all have a uniformed, professional, and happy staff.

And what about how our business is dressed? How does it appear? Is it in uniform? Is it smiling? Yes, stores wear uniforms and give off happy vibes just as much as staff. Look at your four walls and see if they represent your brand in color, crispness, and cleanliness just as your staff's uniforms do. When someone walks through your door, are they greeted by a pleasant atmosphere--as if the store is smiling at them--or are they walking into a cloud of blah?

Everyone wants to be successful, yet the definition of that success varies between individuals. But everyone does want success in some form or another. In our industry, perhaps many of us interpret success as having a profitable business, caring for our family, and making a difference and positive impact in our community.

Dress yourself for success, and be an example to your staff. Then watch what happens.

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Originally published on the AMBC blog on June 21, 2016.