Friday, August 19, 2016

Ask Uncle Marty™ Live

I had the privilege of doing a live version of Ask Uncle Marty™ during the speed rounds at the 2016 Retail Shippers Expo last week in Vegas.

The speed rounds are cool. Experts from across the retail shipping, mail, and business center industry host eight-minute round table discussions with Expo attendees on topics ranging from shipping freight, large format printing, and gift wrapping tips to small business accounting, maximizing point-of-sale software, and marketing with Pokémon Go. Speed rounds are billed as the "retail shippers' version of speed dating," and are a favorite part of the week's events.

My table, I'm honored and grateful to say, was full for most of the sessions. People had questions! And they were good ones! We tackled store design, maximizing traffic patterns with smart layouts, where to start with small business social media, how EDDM from the USPS works, and so much more!

I encouraged everyone to write to me. My favorite letters and responses get published bi-monthly in MBC Today, as they have been for a couple of years now, and others will soon be shared on my blog.

I'm seriously encouraged and profoundly grateful that people from all over the country are reading and enjoying Ask Uncle Marty. What started as a humble tongue-in-cheek Dear Abby-style industry advice column has grown to encompass marketing and image tips and consultations for businesses and organizations of all sizes (though the amazing small businesses in the retail shipping, mail, and business center industry will always be my BAE).

Here's to a fabulous future!

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